Unique paths, a blissful nature and countless sunsets. Mountain riders, skiers, hikers and romantic painters of the lake can all find here what will make their experience in Trikala Korinthia an experience of a lifetime.

Odontotos Rack Railway

An enchanting train route in the heart of the mountain is calling out for all nature lovers! A fascinating 22 km train route, where passengers of the Odontotos Rack Railway, will have the chance to follow the magical course of Vouraikos river as well as passing by the mythical Cave of the Lakes. The Rail Rack has a history of 120 years. Throughout the years, using stone bridges and tunnels as well as natural materials such as wood, the railway has become a part of the local ecosystem, without compromising it. Odontotos Rack Railway remains open all year round and offers an unforgettable journey to the city of Kalavrita, 750 meters above the sea level. Thanks to this one-hour ride, visitors will discover the magical highlands of Korinthia, learn all about the ancient myths that relate to the landscape, as well as witness the pure and rare scenery of this route.

Timetables for Diakopto-Kalavryta Rack Railway from 30-07-2017

From Diakopto 
  • 09:05 Everyday
  • 11:30 daily
  • 12:49 Sat / Sun & Holidays
  • 14:05 Everyday
  • 15:30 Sat / Sun & Holidays
From Kalavryta
  • 10:17 Everyday
  • 12:43 Everyday
  • 14:03 Sat / Sun & Holidays
  • 15:28 Everyday
  • 17:23 Sat / Sun & Holidays
  • Diakopto Station:
  • Kalavrita Station:
  • OSE Customer Service Center: 1110
  • Also: at local OSE stations
Ticket price: 9.50€ & 19.00 € with return

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Explore Ziria

In one of the highest and most beautiful mountains of the Peloponnese, Mount Killini or Ziria, guests will have the chance to discover every secret aspect of local beauty, follow enchanting mountain trails and feel the pure breeze of nature. At the ski resort of the area, through 'Explore Ziria' snowmobile services, dreams become action and eventually end up in forming unique memories. Guests who are interested in exploring the area can visit, rent one of the modern vehicles available and along with a second auxiliary vehicle, enjoy the most exciting and adventurous mountain ride.

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Wine Tourism in Nemea

Follow the wine paths of Nemea, visit some of Greece’s greatest vineyards and taste the rich flavors of local wine production. The vineyards of Nemea, spreading across 25,000 acres, produce the most popular Greek wines. Visitors of the area will have the chance to walk around the wineries that are open to the public, taste the unique flavor of the Korinthian wine and discover the history of the region through the journey of wine. One of the top destinations for wine-lovers from all around the world, Nemea, is located close to the villages of Trikala Korinthias, just an hour and a half away from Athens. The picturesque vineyard landscape of Nemea, surrounded by the beautiful green mountains of Korinthia, awaits to be discovered through the most memorable journey into the world of wine.

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Daily Trip to Lake Doxa-Lake Stymphalia and the Environment Museum

Get the chance to enjoy the exceptional beauty of Lake Doxa and Lake Stymphalia, by visiting the Stymphalia Environment Museum, dedicated to the history of this rich and beautiful region.
Lake Doxa, at an altitude of 880 meters and located between the mountains of Korinthia and Achaia, is an ideal destination for family excursions and activities such as horseback riding, hiking and cycling around the bay.
Lake Stymphalia is linked to Greek mythology and the Sixth Labour of Hercules. According to the legend, the lake is the place where Hercules slayed the mythological creatures known as the Stymphalian Birds. Moving through the centuries, during the Roman Empire, Lake Stymfalia was the water provider for the populous area of Korinthos.
The Stymphalia Environment Museum, aiming to raise public awareness and to highlight the region's historical significance, is located on the verdant hill of Stymphalia, part of the European Network of Protected Areas - NATURA 200.

The suggested return-point from the day trip is the city of Kiato

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Hiking Paths in Ziria

Discover the famous hiking paths of the beautiful hillsides of Ziria and enjoy the unique scenery of the Korinthian region. The instructions provided by certified mountain guides, will accompany you through an exploration of several routes and virgin paths in the areas of Skafidia, Karia, Lake Dasiou, Lake Dox, Flabouritsa Valley, Varnevo, Mountain Ziria and, of course, Trikala Korinthias. Your personal guide will lead you to unique paths, ideal for unforgettable family experiences and also suitable for winter sports enthusiast, who will get the chance to enjoy activities such as hiking and climbing, as well as discover magical routes for mountain ski at Ziria Ski Center. The starting point of your journey can be your accommodation shelter or any other place of your choice in Trikala. The trails are accessible from winter to summer.
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Ziria Ski Center

Adults and children, experienced and beginners, winter sports enthusiasts and all those who simply enjoy the snow, will find the ideal destination on the plateau of Mount Ziria, at an altitude of 1500 meters, where the Ziria Ski Center is located. It is one of the newest ski resorts in Greece, just a glance away from one of the most modern and popular mountain-resort areas in the country, Trikala Korinthias. Guests will indulge in winter sports adventures and will definitely enjoy the incredible view from the Ski Chalet. The chalet, a meeting point for the visitors of the ski center, welcomes everyone who would like to sip hot or cold beverages as well as taste the local wine or Greek raki. When tired of the snow adventures, the chalet offers a rich menu of main courses and desserts, before getting back to the hotel. A shop operating within the ski center, will supply guests with ski equipment as well as local traditional products from the wider region of Trikala Korinthias.

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