Guest Houses



The newly built Aipytos Guesthouse is set in Mesaia Trikala Korinthias (middle district), at an altitude of 1,100 meters. The view from the guesthouse is magnificent, overlooking mountain Killini (Ziria), as well as the Corinthian Gulf and the mountains of Roumeli. The guesthouse, according to the standards of local architectural style, is made from earthy and traditional materials such as stone, wood and tile. It includes 2 stylish triple rooms and one double room. All rooms offer modern facilities and are elegantly styled in neutral and pastel colours. The guesthouse features a spacious and cozy lounge area, used as a breakfast room as well as a café – bar sitting area. Guests sitting by the fireplace may enjoy their breakfast of local products and feel the warm atmosphere of pure hospitality.

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The Vathyskia Guesthouse in Kato Trikala Korinthias (lower district), is a modern guesthouse, elegantly combining folklore and traditional vibes. It offers an ideal stay all year round. In the winter, the pure landscape is usually covered in snow, allowing guests to indulge in activities like skiing or snow mobile riding, during the day, and then return at Vathyskia to relax in the hot tub, enjoy the stunning vistas through huge windows or sit down at the warmth of the fireplace. During the warmer months, it is great to travel around endless miles of trekking paths or go bike riding – the guesthouse offers free bikes to its guests in order to explore the area, meet the gorgeous wildlife and connect with nature.

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Set in a scenery of unsurpassed natural beauty, Guesthouse Diohri is located between Ano and Mesaia Trikala Korinthias (upper and middle district). An ideal location for relaxation and tranquility, it offers gorgeous views of Mountain Ziria, the picturesque village of Manna, as well as the Corinthian Gulf. Built with respect for the local tradition and architecture, the guesthouse includes 3 double rooms and 2 suites, as well as a cozy and casual breakfast lounge area. Indulge in the extraordinary vistas, enjoy the local cuisine of traditional flavours and put on your ‘adventure clothes’ to seize the day, taking part in outdoor activities.

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Dryades Suites

Set in Trikala Korinthia’s middle district - Mesaia Trikala Korinthias - Dryades Suites, is the perfect destination for those who want to escape everyday reality and find a relaxing place to spend some time off. Guests may choose to stay in one of the 3 standard suites or the junior suite that includes a hot tub as well as a fireplace. For larger groups of 4 to 6 guests, Dryades includes an exclusive and private guesthouse called the ‘Group House’, with its own private dining room and kitchen as well as a private outdoor room. All suites are made of wood and stone, in line with local architecture and tradition; featuring unparalleled views of the mountains. At the restaurant of Dryades Suites, one may indulge in the local dishes, taste the special homemade pizza of the restaurant and enjoy local wine.

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4 Epoxes

Set in the village of Mesaia Trikala Korinthias (middle district), 4 Epoxes Guesthouse was once a private villa owned by the grandfather of the current owner. It was partly rebuilt and renovated and thus turned into a guesthouse of unparalleled traditional beauty. As its name indicates - 4 Seasons - no matter what the season, the guesthouse welcomes its guests all year around in its 3 separate and independent rooms. With a spectacular mountain view as its backdrop, guests will enjoy walking and relaxing at the gardens during the summer or spring season and stay close to the fireplace during the cold months. The guesthouse is very close to all activity starting points, allowing easy access to those who would like to explore the cultural and natural parts of Trikala Korinthias. The rooms include a fireplace, a flat screen TV, a mini kitchen as well as a private parking area.

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Εnthimio Suites

The guesthouse 'Εnthimio Suites' of Mesaia Trikala Korinthias (middle district) was built in 2006 at an altitude of 1100 meters. It is the ultimate destination for both the “winter escape” enthusiasts as well as the “summer trip” lovers. The comfort of its rooms, the purity of the nearby natural scenery and the traditional vibes of the villages that surround it, are some of the integral elements that construct the identity of the establishment and what fascinates guests. The guesthouse offers a junior and a deluxe suite, as well as two grand suites with magnificent view of the vast horizon, overlooking the mountains. On-site facilities include the ‘Enthimio Suites’ store, where visitors can get all the necessary equipment for their activities, as well as buy souvenirs and local products.

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Theasis Suites

Theasis Guesthouse, is located in the enchanting village of Kato Trikala Korinthias (lower district), at a height of 900 meters. The guesthouse is an ideal destination for relaxation, any time of the year. Its modern aesthetics naturally blend with local beauty and create a luxurious combination between the contemporary and the traditional. Theasis Guesthouse includes two independent two-storey suites, a junior suite and a deluxe studio of refined style. The best feature of the guesthouse is definitely the green areas of pure nature that surround its premises, including a small well of crystal clear water.

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The magnificent resort Levanta Boutique Hotel sits on on the edge of the mountain and is located in Mesaia Trikala Korinthias (middle district), offering unlimited views of the mountain and the sea. During its construction phase, special emphasis was given on the choice of materials that had to be in complete harmony with the spirit and architectural culture of the area. The seven residences of Levanta Guesthouse are elegantly styled in beige and grey details and feature a fireplace as well as luxurious bed linens and mattress. The interiors combine minimal aesthetics with a sense of warmth and coziness. The hotel features a unique terrace where guests can experience moments of absolute relaxation and quiet. It is the ideal place to spend time with a group of friends or with family.

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Ta Limeria tou Pana



Mavraganeiko Boutique Hotel, at Mesaia Trikala Korinthias (middle district) is a beautiful stone-made hotel that includes cozy standard and superior rooms, luxurious executive Jacuzzi suites, as well as the grand double suite that accommodates up to 5 guests. The hotel is decorated with earthy materials such as wood, reflecting a welcoming elegance and simplicity. It is surrounded by breathtaking vistas, beautiful wildlife and a traditional atmosphere of the rural area. Nestled in the local mountains, it is definitely one of the most attractive destinations at any time of the year. One can never feel there is nothing to do around the area. Stay in with friends and family, near the fireplace and enjoy warm drinks while playing table games. Or go out to explore the local activities and play paintball with a group of friends, enjoy skiing, horse riding, hiking or even archery.

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Nymfes guesthouse is situated on mountain Kyllini. According to ancient Greek mythology, the Olympian god Hermes - the messenger of the gods – was born on mountain Kyllini. His mother was a nymph called Maia and his father was Zeus, the king and father of all the gods. Guesthouse Nymfes is located at Mesaia Trikala Korinthias (middle district), surrounded by the simplicity and natural beauty of the landscape. During winter months, the fireplaces inside the rooms of the guesthouse create an unforgettable environment of relaxation and warmth. While during the sunny days of summer, guests truly enjoy hiking or trekking as they explore the great outdoors.

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Paliokastro Guesthouse is located in the center of the village of Kato Trikala Κοrinthias (lower district), in a beautiful alley, just 50 meters far from the central square of the village. It is ideal for those who seek a quiet place to spend their vacation, with comfortable and cozy rooms, each one decorated in a unique style. The traditional Guesthouse Paliokastro is the perfect starting point for those who would like to go on excursions around the area of Trikala Korinthias and Ziria Mountain. Its key location allows easy access to the trekking paths of the area. As a result, guests may enjoy peaceful walks where the natural environment is untouched by man. Last but not least, the magnificent view of the surrounding mountains invites guests to connect with nature.

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San Paramythi

Located in the heart of mount Ziria in Mesaia Trikla Korinthias (middle district) and at an altitude of 1180 meters, San Paramythi Guesthouse is exactly what its name means, a fairytale place. Its 3 independent guesthouses offer the ideal combination between a traditional, rustic chic village house and a luxurious hotel. The suites are named after 3 fairies - earth, forest and rain fairy - and are decorated in stone and wood details. The interior blends comfort with modern amenities and local culture, bringing inside the beauty of the outside scenery. Apart from the elegant accommodations, guest will discover there is convenient access to all activities of wilderness. The hotel recommends special excursions by car or hiking trips for those who feel more adventurous.

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Ηyades Mountain Resort

With a unique view of the Corinthian Gulf and of the steep slopes of Mount Ziria, Ηyades Mountain Resort is set in Kato Trikala Korinthias (lower district), at an altitude of 1100 meters. The resort gracefully blends the outdoor adventure mood with a comfortable country style and is very close to Ziria Ski Center. Accommodations include 7 beautiful chalet- houses of Finnish style, setting a new standard for luxury lodging. Inside the chalets the atmosphere is warm and luxurious. Amenities include a fireplace, a sitting space, huge windows overlooking the majestic scenery of the mountain, a king-size bed, a kitchen, as well as a spacious veranda where guests can relax and enjoy the view. It is the ideal place for revitalizing and restoring one’s body and mind. The truly premiere mountain resort features an indoor lounge area where guests can read books and play table games as well as an outdoor lounge area and garden of various local trees and plants. Services also include off-road vehicle trips and helicopter transportation. Last but not least, the resort offers plenty of options when it comes to local rural experiences and adventure ideas.

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Services of high quality, in a warm and tranquil environment, is what one will find at the Feggarognemata Suites of Ano Trikala Korinthias (upper district). Feggarognemata is a luxurious wooden residence complex, consisting of four independent luxury maisonettes - 47 square meters each - combining Greek traditional style with modern elements. At an altitude of 1100 meters, the residences are located at the perfect place for lovers of nature and for those who seek physical as well as spiritual relaxation. Built in a beautiful and quiet part of the village, in harmony with the beautiful environment, Feggarognemata Suites offer the best comfort amenities and is the ideal place to escape the stress of the modern world.

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The stone-built, traditional Filantra Guesthouse is a mountain guesthouse of 2 suites and one mini – suite, fully equipped with autonomous heating, a fireplace, a kitchen area and a sitting area. The guesthouse offers a wide selection of summer and winter activities as well as excursions to the nearby countryside. A trip to the admirable natural scenery of Lake Doxa, hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and skiing are some of the endless options for adults or younger individuals. Back inside the luxurious room, one can relax by breathing the fresh air and sit next to the fireplace and enjoy the remarkable view of the mountain forest.

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