Unique scents of local fresh ingredients cooked in traditional recipes. A gastronomy experience at Trikala Korinthias full of colors and flavors that compose a unique taste pallet.

A la Horiata

The restaurant of Dryades Suites in Mesaia Trikala Korinthias (middle district), A la Horiata, offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy delicious specialties made from local ingredients, including pizza from home made dough and local wine. The menu also includes fresh salads, a variety of classic pasta dishes as well as mouth-watering crepes and dessert crepes. A la Horiata is characterized by the welcoming attitude of its staff as well as their passion for serving dishes of unique taste and quality. Visitors will feel like they are at home when at A la Horiata and there is even a home delivery service available for those who are too tired to leave their room.

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In Ano Trikala Korinthias (upper district) there is the most traditional stone-made tavern, named after its owners "Stou Decleri". The tavern is widely known for its friendly staff, relaxed and homey atmosphere as well as for its very tasty dishes of clean, local ingredients. It is committed to fresh and unique homemade food, serving everything from traditional local meat and poultry dishes to fresh salads and Greek wine. The tavern invites its guests to enjoy the mountainous scenery while experiencing a unique culinary journey. Last but not least, visitors should not neglect to taste the famous dessert of the tavern, the lemon mousse dessert – a happy ending to every meal.

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Enastro gefsis

Χαλαρωτικό περιβάλλον δίπλα στο τζάκι απαλή μουσική παρέα με καλό εκλεκτό ντόπιο κρασί και μεγάλη ποικιλία εμφιαλωμένων κρασιών αποτελεί εγγύηση για την επιλογή σας. Στo μπαλκόνι της γεύσης θα απολαύσετε υπέροχες παραδοσιακές συνταγές φτιαγμένες με τα καλύτερα ντόπια αγνά υλικά, ντόπια κρέατα, έξτρα παρθένο ελαιόλαδο παραγωγής μας. Ξεκινήστε με τα λαχταριστά ορεκτικά, τις χειροποίητες πίτες και ξεχωρίστε το αρνάκι κλέφτικο στη λαδόκολλα καθώς και τον μυρωδάτο κόκορα. Στο wine bar του εστιατορίου θα απολαύσετε εκλεκτές ποικιλίες κρασιών. Ο ιδιοκτήτης του εστιατορίου Κώστας είναι έτοιμος να σας υποδεχθεί και σας υπόσχεται ότι θα γευθείτε καλό φαγητό, άψογη εξυπηρέτηση και χαμηλές τιμές.

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Katafigio Gefseon

A haven of simple sophistication, set on the foot of the imposing mountain Ziria, Katafigio Gefseon is the ultimate meat specialist restaurant. Traditionally made of stone and wood, the tavern-restaurant is known of its cozy environment, large portions and delicious local ingredients. Some of its best dishes are the mushrooms filled with cheese, the cheese pie as well as any dish that includes meat. Guests must also taste the delicious salads made from fresh vegetables of local gardens. Katafigio Gefseon is truly a unique gastronomic hideaway, waiting to be discovered.

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Opos Palia

Restaurant Opos Palia is set in Mesaia Trikala Korinthias (middle district), at an altitude of 1050 meters and is very close to the center of the village. It is made of stone, wood and tile, according to local tradition and values. The building of the restaurant was constructed in 1935 and since then it has been restored and renovated and nowadays, its owners welcome visitors from all over the country. The food only adds to the rustic charm of the restaurant with the menu consisting of a range of meat and poultry dishes. The restaurant also features an exquisite selection of local pies, served with local wine. Opos Palia restaurant includes two main dining halls as well as a third hall for ten people, where private events can take place.

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Pinakoti tavern is the ideal place for those who are looking for a true getaway in a traditional Greek village and those who want to taste real Greek food and experience the authentic local cuisine. The stunning tavern is made of glass, stone and wood, in line with local architecture and is located in Mesaia Trikala Korinthias (middle district), at an altitude of 1100 meters. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy their lunch or dinner while gazing at the endless horizon since the tavern’s most unique feature is its endless balcony of unlimited views of the mountains and local villages. Some of the specialty dishes include the traditional and amazingly delicious recipe of ‘rooster in red wine sauce’ as well as the roasted vegetables with olive oil and red sauce.

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Physi & On

The nature restaurant On is located in mountain Korinthia a few kilometers from Xylokastro and one and a half hour from Athens. Nature K On is a modern store, next to Trikala Korinthias, which has gardens and two luxurious sails. Our gardens are available for sunny spring and summer days. At the Nature & On Restaurant you will enjoy our fine cuisine, your coffee, your drink and fast service. Our Cuisine will cover all tastes, from burgers, club sandwiches to dishes and seasonal dishes.

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From the street, ‘Psitosinantisi’ tavern looks like a charming cottage of stone and wood. The tavern is located in Mesaia Trikala Korinthias (middle district), overlooking the beautiful Ziria Mountain and the Corinthian Gulf. Psitosinantisi tavern, will surprise guests with the strong flavors of its dishes, all served with freshly cut homemade potato fries. Its indoor space provides a cozy atmosphere, whereas its beautiful green garden area creates the perfect scenery for guests to try the tavern’s special recipe, the dish of wild boar meat. Its menu consists of delicious homemade creations and there are also options for people who avoid meat.

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